-20 EUR Pommard 1998
Weingut: Aleth Le Royer-Girardin
Rebsorten u.-alter:pinot noir, vines 60 to 70 years old
Boden u. Lage:most of vines from a very well situated "climat", Les Noizons
Weinbau u.-bereitung:destemming (80% of the grapes), 5 to 6 days cold pre-fermentation
Lagerung im Weingut:in casks (20% new oak), only one racking before bottling, never fining nor filtering
Farbe u. Geruch:deep red colour; cherry fruit fragrances, a hint of vanilla
Geschmack:beautiful fruity aromas, long wine with tannins present but soft; final notes roasted and slightly oaky
Zusammenfassung:a delicate Pommard, delicious already
Optimum u. Lagerzeit:to be tasted again in 4 or 5 years, as it can gain in complexity
Begleitgericht:goes well with braised veal with boletus (the association would be even better with an older vintage)
Weinprobendatum:January 2000

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