-10 EUR Chablis 1994
Weingut: René et Vincent Dauvissat
Rebsorten u.-alter: Chardonnay
Boden u. Lage: Jurassic marls
Weinbau u.-bereitung: hand-harvested, fermentation in casks
Lagerung im Weingut: 10 months in casks from the Allier
Farbe u. Geruch: pale gold, chalk and honey fragrances
Geschmack: fat, very long and mineral, final note of honey
Zusammenfassung: a surprising wine for a simple"village"; balanced but with character
Optimum u. Lagerzeit: should be carafed; the honey character is better revealed by airing; very nice now and will age well
Begleitgericht: went very well with hake, mushrooms and a potato-purée
Weinprobendatum: December 1999

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