-10 EUR Bourgogne blanc 1995
Domaine: Jean-François Coche-Dury
Varieties, vine age:chardonnay
Soil, vine location:plots on Meursault, the other side of the main road
Wine-making:meticulous tending to the vines, equally meticulous vinification, light presing, fermentation in casks
Wine-storing:in casks, about 18 months; no filtering
Colour, bouquet:lovely lemon and vanilla fragrances, not fully matured bouquet
Taste:citrus fruits, wine fat and long with a good acidity, the cask well integrated
Conclusion:a very fine generic wine
Peak, ageing:to be tasted again in 2 years time, for even more pleasure
Accompaning dish:mackerel fillets in mustard sauce, very good association
Date of tasting:October 1999

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